Terms For Websites Discord And Apps

  1. The information provided on this website, discord or app does not constitute investment, trading or financial advice.
  2. By using space time bot commands in our discord, website or app you understand that we do not make the trades, we use dexie other api to link you with dexie and other peer to peer transactions available to everyone.
  3. We will never ask for your Secret phrase; never ask for your keyring password
  4. We do not hold nfts or coins for you or even stake coins or nfts for you.
  5. We do not make plots for you. We do not mine or farm anything for you or with you.
  6. We are only providing a clickable link to bring you to their website, to use their services.
  7. We are not responsible for anything that may happen while on their sites. All links are offered on this discord, website or app are no way no way guaranteed to be correct accurate or even safe.
  8. Use the links at your own discretion and risk. [powered by] means provided through api (powered by) have no guarantee to be right you are responsible for incorrect offer files it is your responsibility to verify offers prices and links for your own security in your chia wallet to confirm that the offer file is correct.
  9. Some data is archived by space time blockchain to provided when request is desired, we are not responsible for incorrect prices.
  10. We are not responsible for any errors using or making metadata using nft metadata helper you are responsible for checking your metadata.
  11. when you request self-promotion, you will be added to the server in its proper forum and then it will be deleted from the self-promotion room Discord https://discord.gg/Mdyp38tVZ7 . to be added to this discord and or website add yourself to the tab and follow the rules of the server. Space time blockchain is in no way responsible for any harm that may result from using information.
  12. Any use of anything on Space time blockchain discord website or app constitutes full understanding and acceptance that you are using any and all information and links here at your own risk.
  13. Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions, or even if it’s safe to travel to the sites.
  14. This is to be used for informational purposes only. Space time blockchain is in no way affiliated with Chia or any “forks” of the Chia-network. Space time blockchain is not responsible for any harm that may result from using the provided links or downloads, or links of any kind, as we are not the content creators.
  15. The discord and website is intended for users who are at least 18 years old.
  16. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the Site, as we are not responsible for what others put on their pages. We are in no way responsible for how other websites do their giveaways sign up for giveaways at your own risk.
  17. although space time blockchain does do giveaways or contests, we do promote artists on our discord by linking you to sites such as mintgarden.io sites of active artists on twitter and more.
  18. space time blockchain does request artists add them self to the self-promotion tab, to let us know that they want to receive support by space time blockchain.
  19. not all artists will be selected to be on spacetimeblockchain.com spacetimeblockchain.info or discord. space time blockchain has sole discretion to reject any request, to receive support by space time blockchain for any or no reason at all.
  20. space time blockchain does not support any artist that have nudity or violence of any kind.
  21. all artists listed in the artists on space time blockchain discord website or app understand that their page can be removed from space time blockchain at any time of spacetime blockchains choosing.
  22. these terms will change as we develop the updates will be changed here.
  23. starting on 09/08/2023 we will be selling some nfts for 0.000000001 xch (1e-9) to make them available to others on the network through mintgarden and dexie.
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